Feilding Dental Centre offers Invisalign iGO and Inman clear aligners. Both are exciting and cost-effective solutions to improving your smile, by moving only the teeth that we see the most of.

The aligners are removable and should be worn full time, except for eating and cleaning. Treatment can be combined with bonding teeth with composites (white fillings), or undertake tooth whitening – as the finishing touches – to create a fresh symmetrical smile. Treatment is less complex, shorter and cheaper than traditional braces because it is usually only the visible (smile) teeth are treated. You can read more about these aligners at invisalign.co.nz and www.inmanaligner.com

There are not only cosmetic benefits to this aligner treatment. Because these aligners can improve tooth positions of all teeth (excluding molars), this treatment can also help reduce damaging wear on teeth. In their new positions some worn teeth can be rebuilt simply by bonding with white fillings. Better aligned teeth are also easier to keep clean, meaning healthier teeth and gums.

We are not specialist orthodontists, however we have undertaken formal postgraduate orthodontic training and have many years of orthodontic experience. We are happy to advise about potential orthodontic problems, and work closely with our local specialist colleagues. We will refer to the latter if we feel that it is in the patient’s best interests. Specialist orthodontic treatment usually involves moving the front and back teeth of either the upper or lower (or both) jaws.

Before embarking upon any form of elective treatment, such as this, it is essential that teeth and gums are disease free.