Better oral health means better general health. A healthy smile needs healthy teeth and gums. You can trust the team at Feilding Dental Centre to care for your oral health – we will inform you about your oral health and advise about any treatment that may be needed for a healthy mouth. 

We strive to offer quality, pain free treatment in a caring, supportive environment with an emphasis upon preventive dentistry. A healthy mouth leads to a healthier body, with improved well-being and self-confidence. We treat you as a person, not just as a collection of teeth. We also enjoy showing patients how affordable, quick and painless cosmetic dentistry can be.

Preventive dental care
This comprises regular examinations and professional cleanings. Our dental hygienists work in partnership with you to help secure and maintain a healthy mouth. The benefit of this is that new tooth decay or gum disease seldom develops. Dental bills are also reduced, but remember we need your co-operation!

Routine examinations allow us not only to check teeth, but also the soft tissues (gums, cheeks, tongue) of the mouth for any abnormalities.

Flexible appointments
We understand that time is a precious commodity for all of us. For your convenience, we offer lunchtime appointments and after your initial visit, we are also able to offer extended appointment times. This enables us to complete as much treatment as possible in one session, and further saves you time.

Cosmetic treatment
With an increasing awareness of dental appearances, the demand for cosmetic dental treatment is also increasing. We offer a full range of treatments including: replacement of unsightly/stained white or silver fillings with the latest tooth coloured materials, crowns (caps) and bridges, veneers, tooth- whitening, smile makeovers and replacement dentures, for improved function and appearance.

Bad breath therapy
Bad breath is a common problem – especially if you have not had regular dental visits. We can help you to identify and treat the cause of your problem. A course of professional cleanings together with oral hygiene/dietary advice often helps resolve this embarrassing condition.

Treatment for nervous patients
Time is made to treat you as an individual, to help you overcome any anxiety you may have about dental treatment.

We treat many patients who have had unpleasant dental experiences in the past. Some may initially  merely require extended appointment times to regain confidence in dentistry.

With modern local anaesthetics, pain during dental procedures is a thing of the past. For certain procedures we may administer the local anaesthetic a short while before the actual appointment and leave you to read a book or watch TV in the waiting room – we never treat you unless you are fully numbed!

Children’s treatment
We offer a full range of dental treatment for children, from fillings to orthodontics (braces), on a private basis.  For families where one or both parents are regular attenders at Feilding Dental Centre, we offer treatment to secondary school age children (13 to 17) under the Ministry of Health funded Combined Dental Agreement. Orthodontic screening This is an examination of the mouth around the age of ten or eleven (or sooner if parents wish), together with a scan x-ray.

It is during this period that many orthodontic problems of the permanent teeth often come to light, and it is therefore an excellent investment in your child’s dental health. If potential problems are identified early, it may make follow up treatment less complicated. Some orthodontic problems can be treated within the practice, but we work hand in hand with our orthodontic specialist colleagues and allow them to treat more complex cases. 

Implants are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for treating gaps in the mouth. If you have a tooth/teeth missing, and would prefer not to wear a denture, then implants may be for you.

New technology
By using an intra-oral camera we are able to keep you informed by showing you close up pictures of what is happening in your mouth – before, during and after treatment !

Smile makeovers
This is creative dentistry at its best and most exciting! In a matter of hours (or less) it is possible to enhance your smile. Adhesive fillings, tooth-whitening or the painless reshaping of teeth can transform your smile instantly. Crooked teeth can sometimes be made to look straight without the need for braces. It is not always necessary to spend thousands of dollars for a million dollar smile! When you call, please request a cosmetic consultation, so that we can discuss your options with you.

Same day appointments
We set aside time daily to deal with dental emergencies. Priority is given to existing patients. To help us help you, we ask that you call as early as possible – toothache should be attended to sooner rather than later. Emergency patients may occasionally have to wait, particularly if the day-list is busy.

Initial visit
At your initial visit, we will take a detailed medical history followed by a thorough clinical examination. If you are anxious about the surgery environment please tell the receptionist.

We firstly examine the soft tissues for any ulcers and suspicious red or white patches. Secondly we examine the teeth, and thirdly we examine the gums for any disease. If X-rays are deemed necessary, these will also be taken.

At the end of the appointment, we will discuss our findings with you and where appropriate,  the various treatment options available. You always have the final say – as part of the informed consent process.

You can be given a written estimate of treatment fees. Should you have questions about anything, please ask – we are here to help you.

Methods and materials
You are right to be concerned that the environment in which you are treated is as safe as possible. We follow all recommended guidelines on cross-infection control.

The dental materials we use are selected according to proven research data, and our laboratories have been evaluated over time and meet local/international standards. This combination produces a first-class service and product for our patients.